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Win a £200 Amazon Gift Card Plus a 1/25 Chance to Win £5,000! E:26/05

Win a £200 Amazon Gift Card Plus a 1/25 Chance to Win £5,000! E:26/05

Win a £200 Amazon Gift Card and a 1/25 Chance to Win £5,000!! That’s right, this is your chance to win up to £5,000! If you are lucky enough to win this competition, you will not only get a guaranteed £200 Amazon Gift card prize but also the chance to Win £5,000! How does it work? Once the £200 Amazon gift card prize winner has been chosen, we will agree a date with that winner to conduct the £5,000 chance draw. We will have an independent adjudicator ready with 25 identical envelopes, one of which will contain the winning ticket. The £200 Amazon gift card prize winner will be allowed to pick one envelope from the 25. If that envelope contains the winning ticket, we will give them £5000 It’s that simple. For the avoidance of doubt, there is a guaranteed £200 Amazon gift card prize for the lucky winner of this competition. The winner then has the chance to win £5,000. The £5,000 prize can only be won if the winner picks the envelope containing the winning ticket from the 25 envelopes. Remember to come back and enter every day to increase your chance of winning! ***Specific Terms for this competition*** This competition offers a guaranteed £200 Amazon gift card The £5,000 prize is not guaranteed and is subject to a 1/25 envelope pick, verified by an independent adjudicator The 1/25 envelope pick will be video recorded and this recording will be made available to the public on request By entering this competition, you are consenting to this video being shared publically All decisions on the prize-winning validity will be verified by an independent adjudicator and their decision is final The competition is valid for UK residents only | Your daily click to win site! Visit us daily for your chance to win. Enter amazing free competitions, prize draws and giveaways every day.



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