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Beach Mat Giveaway for 2 winners E:8/08/2017

Beach Mat Giveaway for 2 winners E:8/08/2017

Share this event to your friends, increase your chance to win this BeGrit Beach Mat.
Item link: http://ibegrit.com/product/begrit-beach-mat-outdoor-picnic-blanket-lightweight-waterproof-with-pocket-for-camping-hiking-traveling-59-x-59/



Donna Robert says:

Handy prize to use on family days out x

Lynda Graham says:

Great for camping and picnics too.

Chifundo Mcpherson says:

This would be great on family picnic days out in the park or on the beach

Sandy Faye Outler Mathis says:

I need this light weight beach & picnic blanket!

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